December 9th, 2007


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hardvice loves his boyfriend:

In the past, I have lamented the BF's inability to recall nouns properly when speaking to me. All chores are either "laundry" or "dishes", which are completely interchangeable, for example. Equally charming is attempting to decipher sentences like "did you put the thing on the thing?" Grocery lists end up including things like "making clothes clean" and "ear scrapers".

Usually, this is frustrating. It's like a life-long game of charades.

Sometimes, however, it's highly entertaining. Like now. He just requested that I buy "mouth soap"--specifically, "shaking mouth soap". He accompanied this request with a mime of someone gargling spastically in great pain.

Ah, thinks I. Listerine.

sneakthief on RPing Oprah

Roll 2D6.

If roll < 4, talk about abuse.
If roll > 4 and < 8, turn show over to the nearest unqualified doctor (player on left.)
If roll > 8 and < 12, boycott a luxury company for racism for not letting you into their store after hours.
If roll is a double (4-4, 2-2), it's Oprah's Favorite Things! Yell "Burberrrrrrry" at the top of your lungs and throw the nearest item valued > $50 at the player across from you.
If roll is 12 (6-6) then TOM CRUISE agrees to appear! All other players must dance on furniture while wearing shoes and cackling maniacally.

Context really, really wanted that HDTV Refridgerator. QWP.