December 5th, 2007


Naked Tats

seraphimcloud has a whacked out dream in which she gets tattooed in all her naked glory.

Two things about the tattoos are EXTRA stupid, besides the fact that I'm getting all-over body tattoos with no planning and no money:

1. One tattoo goes onto my FACE.
2. I must obviously be completely naked to get these tattoos, but I don't remember feeling awkward.

I do remember that one tattoo seriously did creep way closer to my personal nethers that I thought it would, so essentially I even wind up with half my vag tattooed. It felt kinda tingly but didn't hurt. Which it would. In life.

My friends mill around and say encouraging things, because obviously, they are assholes. Real friends would slap you and tell you to eat some ice cream and go get a job.

Context, in all its naked glory.
goldfish girl

Lost! Just Damn Questionable!

The ljdq is missing this week. Conspiracy theories abound.

geenei: The mods must have been abducted by aliens, or large amounts of gin and pudding. There better be a good explanation for this.

deza: It was the Flying Spaghetti Monster's (all praise His Noodly Goodness) lesser-known cousin, Biff, the Gin and Pudding Blob. Biff is jealous of the attention that the FSM has been getting and has kidnapped our mods until his attention-whoring demands can be met. Oh noes!

thanks4thefish: Clearly, the Mods have been abducted by the Saucer People, in league with the Rand Coporation. We're through the looking glass here, people.

Context wants to know if it got quoted.

cybele24 is horny.

I'm not normally an ultra-libidinous person, but even I have needs, here. And I am frustrated. I can't even watch PG-13 movies/TV without getting annoyed. I can't even read the mythology text I'm teaching from, because there are maidens being carried off by Zeus left and right, and I am irrationally irritated that sex of the supernatural variety is being wasted on unwilling mythical virgins. Clearly, I have issues.

Context is in need of sex.

In Soviet Livejournal, quotes meta YOU

dar_actually provides us with a few handy words and phrases to use around our new Russian overlords:

"Da = Ya.
Nyet = No.
Bolshevik = I don't know.
Vodka = Water.
Tatu = psuedolesbian.
Stalin = Hello.
Dos vedanya, comrade = hasta la vista, baby.
Bolshoi = testicles.
Putin = It's French for "whore". Look it up.
Yeltsin = famous Russian conductor and stand-up comedian.
Nabokov = Wrote famous underage slashfic "Lolita", but was then banned from LJ because of it.
Drochit' = wank.
Lenin = songwriting partner of McCartney. Married Yoko Ono, who broke up the Communist party.
Kalashnikov = argument settler.
Tolstoy = Proud inventor of TL:DR.
Mafiya = government.
KGB = Knoxville Gaming Bureau. Not to be confused to with other, less well-known KGB.
Chekov = Playwright who piloted the starship Enterprise in his spare time.
Zelenka = not Rodney.
Kremlin = furry little animal that becomes evil little bastard if you get it wet."

Context has further advice on this matter.
Beauty Is
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serene_orange thinks every woman is a real woman:

I am fat. I have friends that are all sizes, but I am so sick of hearing my fat friends talk about how they are "real women" and refer to others as "skinny bitches" as well as the men that I date doing the same thing. I don't need anyone to blow out another woman's candle to make mine burn brighter.

Context disapproves of size-ism.

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