December 4th, 2007


Kinkier than thou

It's all about the submittin' again - children submittin' to parents, wives submittin' to husbands, husbands and fathers submittin' to the Lord. More submittin' goin' on than a BDSM ball, here.

omorka commenting on fundamentalist "courtship" rules and gender roles. Locked, QWP.
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In utoronto, schroedingrscat gives tips for smoking indoors on campus:

You literally have to be a ninja to do it on campus, but I've found a few places.

1) Basement of Ramsay Wright, where they apparently keep lots of radioactive stuff (according to the signs). Perhaps due to the virulence of whatever they keep down there, there aren't any smoke detectors, and nobody goes there. Pros: you barely have to go outside to get there from Sid Smith. Cons: radioactivity, maybe.

2) The new Anthropology Building. Still partially under construction, and the contractors smoke inside all the time. Do it after 8:00, when the lectures have all ended. If a professor catches you, offer them one. Pros: smoking with profs is hardcore. Cons: it's cold.

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kwanboa isn't feeling the christmas spirit

Is it just me or is "We Wish You A Merry Christmas" the most obnoxious carol ever? It's so demanding! I mean, "now bring us some figgy pudding and bring it right here"? "We won't go until we get some, so bring some right here"? Seriously, that's when you declare that Christmas is canceled, throw everyone out of your house, and make sure Grandma volunteers for next year's duty while you sit hunched over the giant bowl of figgy pudding, watching the 80th rerun of A Christmas Story on TBS/TNT and eating every last damn bite yourself. Wish you a merry fuckin' Christmas, indeed, and next year you'll bring them some figgy asskickin'.

Context is keeping an eye out for carolers. QWP

Gay Marriage Will Save Us All!

In a light-hearted discussion of how same-sex marriage rights will save the environment, petalsinthewind has this to say:

Actually, this is kinda fun: Gay marriage is good for the environmenment because then gay couples will lose their disposable income to children/divorce proceedings and not be able to spend as much money on air travel, which is highly polluting. Gay marriage is good for the environment because there is a lot of paper being used and processed by advocates and protestors on both sides of the issue and resolving it once and for all will help cut down on that number. Gay marriage is good for the environment because when gay people can marry all around the world, rainbows will burst from the ground and shower environmentally-conscious happiness all over. A leading cause of global warming is the collective repressed sexual energy of closeted people.

Gay marriage is also bad for the environment though because rainbows bursting from the ground can release global warming-causing gases and since rainbows come with rain, global flooding. Also, the sudden appearance of 3 million people in Iran will cause a lot of overpopulation problems.
Mariana in the South

starstealingirl has a fun way to work for just...a little...longer.

In the spirit of generosity (and, perhaps, procrastination), I am going to share with y'all the most effective tool I have for surviving periods of intense work and very little sleep. I invented it with my roommate back in my freshman year of college, more or less out of sheer boredom, and it has served me well in the years since. It's probably not the world's most productive strategy for intense work (for that, I would have to recommend: work steadily over a long period of time; and also, do as I say, not as I do), but if you find yourself in a crunch, it is a remarkably effective method for raising your mood, jiggling your synapses, and summoning up enough energy to work for just that little bit longer. I call it:

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loves to procrastinate [and is QWP]
chocolate crack

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florahart comments on LJ's current style of announcing things in lj_policy:

Here is what you are doing. You are showing up in lj_biz with a post like this:

Today, I am announcing a new policy. Under the new policy, people who are wearing the correct color of shirt will be given a bag of cookies. People whose shirts are within 120 degrees on the color wheel will be given one cookie. People in the remaining 150 degrees will be flogged. Thanks, have a nice day.

Here is what ALWAYS happens:

Within five minutes, 200 people will ask the incredibly obvious question. PLEASE tell me you know what that question is. You will then go through answering, 200 times, "lime green." [...]

To which elfwreck answers:

You left out the part where two hundred users insist that LJ has no right to reward or punish people based on their shirt color, and the replies from six others that yes they do, it's their service. [..]

And the dozens of posters asking if the shirt in question has to be worn on the torso, or if it's okay to wear it as a hat. Plus one jerk who says he wears shirts as pants, and really, nobody wants to know how that works. He offers pictures. People tell him to go away. [...]

And a kitten stretched spread-eagle on a cushion, wearing a fuschia sock with holes cut for its head & forelegs, and a caption that says "BONDAGE KITTEH... WANTS A FLOGGING."

Context is googling colour wheels (and has more fun to share).

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joereaves has a message for the dog:

"Stop barking at the TV. It's a television. The animals on it are not really in your house. And even if they were, it's a hippo, and you're a Norfolk terrier, for God's sake. You wouldn't win. And damnit, I like Animal Planet, and I can only watch when you're asleep! Stop with the barking."

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