December 2nd, 2007

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On the new Adult Content filter...

submarine_bells had this to say:

I really wish the current fad of auto-posting Twitter.. erm, output... came with nicely fashionable Twitter filters to put 'em in. I am *so* not interested in reading endless "I'm listening to a CD by Truffaut the Wonder Dog right now" or "I must remember to get pickled yak noses when I go to the market next" or "Goodness, isn't the sky big today?" posts. Fergawdsake, Livejournal, if you're gonna introduce stoopid new content-flagging functions, surely a flag for "Random Twitterings" would be more useful to the assembled multitudes than "May Possibly Contain Adult Content (If by Adult Content You Mean "More Sophisticated Than Play School")".

Context is unnecessary; that's the whole post. Cue Dubbya Pee, and all that.
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robyn_ma is afraid of some very graphic Canadian public service announcements:

Canadians have no negative emotions. Occasionally they'll play at being emo in their LiveJournals to make us Americans feel less like the stress-cubes we are. But really they're just copy-and-pasting from American LJs. Nothing upsets Canadians. Canadians have Prozac naturally running through their veins. We Americans ingest capsulized Canadian blood just to get ourselves somewhere near Canadian equipoise. Canadians fear nothing and this is the reason for those PSAs: 'FOR GOD'S SAKE, YOU PEOPLE ARE DROPPING LIKE FLIES IN THE WORKPLACE BECAUSE Y'ALL DON'T BE GIVING A FUCK. KNOCK THIS SHIT OFF. HAVE A BASIC SENSE OF SELF-PRESERVATION.'

QWP, Context says there are no 'accidents.'
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Bear Nuts

The power of similes mark II (

In the grand tradition of culinary metaphors, sevendials has an epiphany:

Let us presume, for a minute, that fanficcers are not writing fanfiction but making sandwiches.

(I know. There is not a lot of correlation between fanfiction and sandwiches, not least of which because you can't upload a sandwich to the Internet no matter how hard you mash it against your modem. All you get is a mess and, if you keep on doing it, a broken modem. Please, bear with me.)

Context has much more, including scenes at Helga's House of Doing Interesting Things With Bacon.
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beloved_tree is "concerned about" LJ's new ownership

Top Ten Changes now SixApart has sold out to the Russians:

10. The Baba Yaga will catch and eat anyone breaking the TOS.

9. Frank the Goat will now be known as Comrade Frank.

8. Sweeping elections that are NOT IN ANY WAY TAMPERED WITH will keep former KGB
man Gladimir Zutin as head of LJ, Inc. for an indefinite period of time.

7. New account add-on will allow users to pay protection to "caviar-packing plant
manager" named Sergei.

6. LJ, Inc. will challenge other blogging sites to a "Space Race" to see who can give
users the most online storage.

5. Glass tomb and special embalming process is being prepared for use after the death
of Brad Fitzpatrick.

4. LJ team will take gold in gymnastics at 2008 Olympics.

3. Thriving black market will spring up while account holders stand in long lines for

2. New vodka-bottle and borscht V-Gifts in the works for next year.

And the number one change now that SixApart has sold LiveJournal to the Russians . . .

1. Deleted account names will display in Cyrillic rather than being bolded or struck out.

Context gets permission to quote from you!