November 30th, 2007

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ikilled007 goes gift shopping....

And since I'm feeling guilty, it strikes me that I have found just about the perfect Christmas gift for my girlfriend, Crystal. I heard a radio ad for some company that lets you name stars after loved ones. First, it's so goddamn romantic (My angel girl's in heaven, where she belongs). And second, even if I buy her a crappy star, one that explodes in a supernova next week or collapses into a black hole in a month or so, it'll be like 12.4 million years before she knows it's broken.

How sweet is that?

Context is sparkly (and public).

It's because their geometry is Euclidian, you know.

Within the eldritch pages of lwood's journal, she writes:

...But all turned out well, and much pie was eaten by all. Indeed, grendel_todd's Monday night Call of Cthulhu game has come to the consensus decision that pie restores SAN, and our complement of pies was completed by two from marquisdanbear's parents of finest Texas pecan..."

Context has mastered the Dark Art of Baking.
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Maybe he just wanted to bum a cigarette?

ldymusyc is an old-sk00l gamer, y0:

Note: After several levels of Doom, played in the dark, it is a bad idea to go outside for a smoke and not turn on a light.

This is because when a large creature crashes through the bushes at the end of your yard and pounds across the grass, your first reaction is not OMGDEER but HOLYFUCKDEMON, and you reach for the BFG you do not carry.

Second note: If it had been a HOLYFUCKDEMON, and not a deer, you would not have killed it by flinging your lighter and shrieking like a girl.

Context knows those things can kill you - they just never specified how.
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Adult content! Aiee!

saffronhouse on guess what:
After about two minutes of consideration, I marked my journal "no adult content" since I don't generally post 1200 x 900 naked crotch shots, and frankly, if twelve-year-old wants to wade through five years of posts about office politics and stroke recovery to find one mention of Collapse ), then I think the poor thing has earned it, by god

But the 'no adult content' makes me laugh, too-- the concerns, interests and thoughts of a 40 year old woman aren't adult? And quite right, probably. The time I spend online is a sign of startling immaturity. But being asked to label myself accordingly? Heh. Great.

This is the whole entry.

nakki on flags:

This new flagging feature offends/entertains me. Offends: because it is not my job to parent other people's children and there is no way in hell I'm gonna participate in this ridiculous "tattletaleing". Entertains: because I'm going to use it to flag every new policy Eljay posts that offends me. Starting with this one. I flagged it as offensive :D

I feel context is inappropriate. (QWP)
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xeonbunny tries to describe the rules of English spelling:
"I before E, except after C... and the rest of that mnemonic that had something to do with sounding like A but definitely doesn't cover "weird". Coverage is provided by the goode olde(tm) rule of English which clearly states "nyah nyah, if you don't like me go learn Farsi"

Context spells it jlnawioejnf, so THERE. (And is missing a period.)