November 29th, 2007

Brigid, warrior

Masters' Thesis is a biyatch.

Discussing the arduous nature of the Masters' thesis on comments to a favorite webcomic brings unutterable relief to stormcaller3801:

..And I just went to email my main sec prof/adviser/head of the graduate computer department, and I have a note from him suggesting what courses I should take for the next two semesters.

It appears a thesis is optional.

I don't think I can express my utter joy without excessively large fonts and marquee code.

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Jayne ozymandias

Honestly, what are they teaching kids these days.

cdaae writes:

A film description from my local paper:

Shrooms: Horror film with a strong anti-drugs message about a group of Irish teenagers who take a trip into the woods in search of magic mushrooms and encounter abusive monks and forest-dwelling in-breds.

Well, I can tell you right off where they went wrong.

Magic mushrooms don't grow in fricking woods.

This is why we should educate our children honestly about drugs. Imagine the horrors these poor teens could have avoided if they'd only known to stick to fields full of cow dung.

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goldfish girl

Lolzombies! (Meta-meta.)

From active_apathy's post about teaching zombies to speak lolcat.

fax_celestis: i iz a veegan zombie ...i eated grainz

raisedbymoogles: i r engineer zombie. trainz!

katiebgood: The brainz in trainz stay mainly in the grainz?

fax_celestis: i iz vampeire zombie. i vant to suk ur vainz.

palmer_kun: Plumber zombie wants at ur drainz

jessicamariek: Engineer zombie wantz ur cranez.

palmer_kun: Snake zombie wants ur planez

jessicamariek: *bows before teh win* Would you like your internets original or crispy?

palmer_kun: Extra crispy, like KFC. Because Firefly zombie wants ur Jaynez

katiebgood: The Jaynez, in the planez, with the cranez, goin' down the drainz 'cause he don't need no brainz!

vzg: But River, she scares him, 'cause she's insanez.

Context is eating ur brainz.
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Abandon Hope

On the habits of the Great Unwashed Masses

So, I was sitting in a bus shelter after work, waiting for the bus. I hate sitting in bus shelters. They smell of sweat and dirt and long, miserable waits. They are, moreover, disgusting.

I don't know what is is about bus shelters that brings about an irresistible desire in some people to project their bodily fluids into the surrounding atmosphere, but whatever it is, it is widespread and powerful. The walls are always dripping with saliva. There are often puddles of urine on the floor. Sometimes there is evidence that someone's dinner disagreed with them. There is the occasional dripping splatter of something which might be spit but which I strongly suspect is... well... not spit.

I even saw one enterprising individual, egged on by his friends, blow his nose against the side of a shelter at Lakewood station.

People who are dry-mouthed and who are disinclined, due to modesty or to inclement weather, to expose to the elements those body parts which are best able to excrete fluids, seem content to make do with splashing their beverages on the walls or grinding food into the the floor. Offerings of chewing gum seem also to be sufficient be rid of this overhwelming compulsion.

Why do people do this? I just don't know. Perhaps it's a deep-seated territory-marking instinct. Maybe our earliest ancestors were menaced by fearsome but hydrophobic creatures who dwelt in clear, rectangular caves, and evolution has gifted us with a desire to take actions which would have protected these theoretical transparent-cave-men.

Possibly they're members of a cult which worships the God of Public Transit, who isn't important enough to demand actual body parts, and has to make do with offerings of food (pre- or post-consumption will do) or body-created substances that are easier for the supplicant to part with than, say, a still-beating heart.

caragana_leaves does not worship at The Temple Of Transit