November 26th, 2007

mrbehemoth takes a break from Australian election commentary

Developer Robert Orehek has been jailed for four years for taking millions of dollars from Hillsong Church parishioners, promising them big returns on property investments, and instead using the money to fund his own lavish lifestyle.

This is a lesson: If you want to get away with defrauding Christians of millions of dollars, do not promise them big returns on property investments.

Promise them eternal life instead.

There's no real context besides what I've already quoted, but his blog's worth a read anyway.
buffy girls and toys

florahart is beseiged with an Unusual Flying Object.

Yeah, so I was carrying my empty paper coffee cup when I went in, and chucked it into the trash as I came through the door, before turning left to the toilets.

Whereupon a tampon in its little cardboard protective casing thingy came flying, like, zooming through the air, out of the dispenser, landing under the sinks.


I assume the relationship between coffee-cup-lobbing and tampon-launching was non-causal, but then, what did cause Zippy the Absorbent to come whizzing out right then?

This is my puzzled face.

Context never tosses a dwarf. (QWP)