November 24th, 2007


I CAN HAS PRYM MINSTA? Why yes, active_apathy, you can!

" I have a summary of the electoral process in a form more appropriate to the Internets.

    OMG constitution bling bling.
    Someone set up us the polls.
    That'll give you, er, voters.
    Got ballots?
    I'm in ur booth, electin' ur candidates.
    My candidates iz votede on yey.
    The ballots, let me not show you them.
    At PM 6:00, counting was beginning."

Whereupon, palmer_kun joined in:

Collapse )

Join the Silly Party here; footnotes omitted.

gothic wondering

sephiroth01 starts a revolution.

I've decided to start saying
instead of
and visa versa.

My father was a little upset to hear me reverently mutter
at the end of the prayer over the bread tonight,
but the times,
they are a-changin'.

My friends have yet to notice, but it's early yet.

Context wants to give us this day our daily bread, fo shizzle. (QWP)