November 23rd, 2007

and there is death

Ah, Oxford.

foulds has had a valuable learning experience today:

Today, children, we learnt that when you're about to attack an article's conclusion, and find fault with the methodology, you check whether the chap giving the class wrote the article.


sileas finds joy in the little things in life

I frequently have the urge to shout FREEDOM! ala Braveheart when I find the women's bathroom totally unoccupied. There's an immense sense of relief not to find anybody there. I hop around a bit, look in the mirror, wash my hands, do all the necessary stuff. It's great! It's like seeing a totally unoccupied tram while you were expecting it be chockfull with tourists. It just totally makes my day.

Context just wants to pee in peace, dammit! (Public, QWP.)

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goldfish girl

bubonicwoodchuk's family must have interesting Thanksgivings...

"Preparing for Black Friday" for the Chinese community generally consists of checking one's ammo, adding the finishing touches to the people-catcher** on one's car bumper, polishing one's combat boots, and going over the battle strategy*** one last time.
**Like a cow-catcher, only not.
***My family tends to stay out of the chaos more often than not, but from what I understand, 'divide and conquer' is the preferred method for Best Buys and Circuit Cities. Or maybe that's just the Huangs.

QWP. Context is eating Peking duck instead of turkey.
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The Wickeds are, of course, the wicked stepchildren.

The Wickeds came down on Tuesday. As we were going out for dinner, they told me that their mother had sent down a bag of friendship bread.

Or, as I like to call it, I Hate You Bread.

"Friendship bread?" says I. "You mean the stuff the sits in the bag, and you feed it while it grows, and then every couple of weeks you give a bag of goo to all your friends and make bread, but you keep growing goo and giving it to your friends and making bread until all your friends refuse to take any more because they're overrun with goo and they've eaten so much bread that they can't fit into their pants so you make the 14 loaves of bread you need to make to use up all the goo and then you eat them and you can't fit into your pants?"

"...." said the Wickeds. "Yes, that stuff."

I made some of the bread and threw out the rest of the goo. Far be it from me to threaten the integrity of my friends' pants.

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