November 22nd, 2007


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It's hard to be a metaquotes mod sometimes:
I had to metaquote you. I would metaquote all the ridiculousness of your time in Japan, but I'd have to chastise myself and tell me I'm being an idiot in a suitably nice way, and if I get into a flame war with me, I'll have to ban myself and then I'll be stuck in an infinite loop.

So, um... yes.
shaysdays, here.
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lepidosiren gets into the true spirit of Thanksgiving:
K I'm drinking mead and stumbling around the house because WTF are you supposed to do the night before Thanksgiving. What are you doing? I should clean. Mead doesn't waste any time, I'll tell you what. I'm a fucking viking now.

Original post here.
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Forever Failure

After a Government Department here in the UK misplaced 25 million people's child benefit records, steer has a plan (QWP of course):

I've thought of a way to beat identity theft. Simply require that people change their name, every six months to something with more than seven characters including punctuation and a mix of cases. From tomorrow you will all address me as R1ch@rd1971. Ah... I should mail this in to Dave Gorman's genius. For extra security you will be required to change address every twelve months and the moment I can get hold of a time-travelling DeLorean you can alter your birth date too (by distracting your mum and dad at opportune moments).

Now that's solved, what shall I work on next?
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pass the cool whip.

ginmar has reasons to be thankful:
I think the theme for the day will be stuff that's so stupid it makes you grateful it's not happening to you. You know, like anklets with high heels. Or one of those really dysfunctional family get togethers, where you just sit around and know somebody's going to be whapping a family member over the head with the drumstick before the mashed potatoes are even cool. Today's theme is: It could be worse. Just imagine if you lived in a TV commercial, where people are mind-bogglingly stupid and perky, not to mention given to blurting out stupid shit in front of other people. "Well, Bob, my hemorrhoids used to bug me but then I tried Wonderoo Suppositories and my butt feels brand new!"

Being the rebel that I am, I bought cupcakes. Pie needs to be hot to be good, in my opinion.

Context did not put laxatives in the frosting.