November 19th, 2007

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screamofwheat knows why Gary Oldman isn't current on his expenses:

it's not his fault, he was totally cut off from his family's fortune for not becoming a death eater. how was he supposed to pay his taxes?

Context lives in caves, cut him some slack.
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Thinking Outside the Box

watch4whales ponders what to give for Christmas

I've solved the problem. With all of the children's toys and the lead paint problem....I have my niece's christmas gifts thought out.

A block of lead. Why even bother with the paint on the toys? 90% of the baby/infant toys are painted anyway and guess how many are made in China??

Context is getting into the Holiday Spirit
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2, deer, 2=deer
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get_back_marty isn't sure he'd recommend accepting his dinner invitation

Emma has decided to attempt to make Thanksgiving dinner. She took it upon herself to invite a bunch of theatre folk to my ("our?") apartment. I hope they like football 'cause that's what I do on Thanksgiving. I eat until I have to unbutton my pants, then I watch football and play World of Warcraft. I think the dinner will suck. She made fish sticks today and it took her exactly 6 minutes just to flip them over because she couldn't figure out how to just pop them on the flipper-thing (what the fuck is it called?) and toss them on the other side.

Honey, I adore you but seriously, you burned the fucking fishsticks. Don't try making a full, proper Thanksgiving meal! We'll order food and pretend you made it, okay? PLEASE?

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