November 17th, 2007


The Best Damned Mod Flounce, Period

"Y'know, this community is two years old, and I'll be covered in honey and sawed in half if it isn't every bit as agonizing as a mod as it was the first week when we were labeled trolls and pre-banned from every interesting community on livejournal.

"First off, you're all too stupid to read rules. Honestly, you have reading comprehension skills of toadstools. Secondly, you're all a bunch of fickle fucks. Everyone LOOOOOOOVES the stupid until it's something that hits close to home for them personally. Then it's 'stupid_free used to be interesting, until it was overrun by idiots' or 'That's why I left the community MONTHS AGO and my life is SO much better for it!' or my personal favourite 'Ever notice how many stupid people are IN stupid_free snark snark!'

"Personally, I'm tired of the hypocrisy. I'm tired of the holier than thou attitudes from everyone who was never a member, or is no longer a member, and from some of you asshats you actually still ARE members but take every opportunity to bash us in other comms. Even funnier? The banned who say how lame this community is and how they won't miss a minute of it...only to become regular posters in sf_drama. Pretty soon it will be 'The only good stupid happens in sf_drama!'

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Context is watching lord_snot lift his petticoats to show his wagging peen.
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senatorfuckface has a business plan:

What's the worst part of getting a puppy? Eventually it becomes a dog. No one has ever said "Man, this puppy is so annoying, I can't wait until it's a full grown dog." Would people buy more puppies if they were guaranteed to never turn into dogs? I say yes.

Here is my business plan for a company called Puppies Forever. You pay $1000 for a year long membership and we send you a puppy of your choosing. You keep the puppy for two months and then you send you puppy back to us and we send you another new puppy. So you end up having a puppy for a full year, rather than for a few month when just buying a puppy.

How do we afford so many puppies? Mutts. Nobody cares what breed a puppy is, as long as it is a puppy. Indeed, the only reason people obsess over certain breeds of dogs is to make the dog portion of owning a puppy more tolerable.

What do we do with the dogs once they are returned? Whatever, who cares. Exterminate them, train them to be seeing eye dogs, whatever.
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Far too many Sues for reconditarmonia's taste....

reconditarmonia makes an observation about Phantom of the Opera Mary Sues in fanficrants:

"Dear Phantom of the Opera fandom:

Stop it with the Mary-Sues named Melody. We get that the canon has got to to with music. Now can you give it a rest? Besides being anachronistic it is really really cliché.

If you must give your Sue a name that doesn't fit in the period anyway, why not be original? Call her Harmony. Or, you know, Perfect Octave or something.

(You know all those Puritan names? Increase Mather and Praise-God Waterhouse and Sin-deny Hely and If-Christ-had-not-died-for-thee-thou-hadst-been-damned Barebones? I want to see fic with OCs named Diminished-Sixth and Consonance and Appoggiatura. Because I am a GEEK.

Appoggiatura Daaé. Christine's little sister who wants to be a classical pianist and is, of course, in love with the Phantom.)"

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