November 14th, 2007


I want to see pictures!

mrsbuzz has an unexpected surprise during her wedding planning:

The sales manager at my reception venue called me this morning.
We booked 1/4 of the ballroom at a hotel in downtown St. Louis for our reception. She had originally told me that the other 3/4 was booked for a fashion show.
Today she said that she just found out that's not entirely accurate.

Apparently the Miss Gay America pageant will be taking place next door to my wedding reception. She wanted to make sure I was OK with that.

QWP; Context is wearing a 6" glittering tiara.
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Go, go, Power Rangers!

raisedbymoogles comments on "Power Rangers":

During the actual run of the show, I never actually managed to catch the first episode. So it was a treat to finally find out where this whole mess started, although I have to say - a space dumpster? Leaving aside the fact that the astronauts seemed to know instinctively what a space dumpster is, why would you get excited to find one? Digging through the trash of the universe is best left to people like Mike Rowe. ...Mike Rowe vs. Rita Repulsa. Oh dear. "I'm Mike Rowe..." "I HAVE A HEADAAAACHE!" "...And this is my job."

Context thinks Zordon should have checked the Discovery Channel when he was looking for heros.

On the subject of Geek Tragedies...

nietzschekeen has some plot ideas:

Pro-ME-ME-ME-theus for the special snowflakes.

Aga-OLD MEME-non.

Oedipus, flouncing at the end of the first play: "OMG I KNOW GUIZ THE PLAGUE WAS ALL MY FAULT YOU GUIZ WON'T BE HAPPY TILL I'M GONE I NEVER LIKED YOU ANYWAY." The next two plays are just him not leaving the comm. even though he said he would.

And maybe Medea unfairly deleted two of her husband's comments?

Context doesn't want to summon the wrath of the furies mods.
Film reel

tears_of_nienna works at a library.

Every time I shelve an Arthur book, which is at least five times a day, I'm always struck by the one called Arthur's Baby. I keep wondering if Marc Brown has finally jumped the proverbial shark. Maybe the book is preceded by Arthur's Accident and followed by Arthur's Shotgun Wedding. No, really, I think there's a whole angle being ignored here.

After all, Arthur's Alimony does have a sort of ring to it.

Context's pretty sure it's a sister.
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Fractal Lost World

annepackrat on iTakeover

annepackrat on iTechnology that hadn't existed in a fanfic's time frame

I'll have you know that Apple has just developed the iTime, a portable time machine that allows the company to spread its technology throughout the past.

As for Hogwarts, Apple is working on developing the iDeusexmachina which allows any of its particular products to work within a magic environment.

Context is from fanficrants, QWP, and made of lazy fanauthors who want modern conveniences in their past-set fics
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