November 13th, 2007


And I ran... so far away..

Numerous things are humorous in kyraille's latest post, but this caught my attention:

Oh, I was going to post a video of me scaring the shit out of an enormous cluster of seagulls by sprinting at them shrieking like Don Quixote and then make a lame crack about how I Ran towards A Flock of Seagulls, but I can't figure out how to get the video off from the facebook from whence it came, and also I don't even have the song to post to validate my terrible eighties music references. In conclusion, I have ears.

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zeppo deals with a stressful situation . . .

Zeppo coping mechanisms issue #1

Step 1: Stumble across unused "bubble spa massaging bubble mat" in my parent's spare bathroom cabinet
Step 2: Pour half a bottle of Mr. Bubble into bathtub that is a little too hot
Step 3: Get into bath, pull shower doors closed
Step 4: Turn off machine when the bubbles hit the ceiling
Step 5: Pretend you are lost in fog
Step 6: Dig a tunnel until you reach the faucet and say it is Shangri-La
Step 7: Build a castle with gravity defying spires
Step 8: Give yourself foamy fins and knock castle down Godzilla style
Step 9: Touch yourself
Step 10: Decide that is boring
Step 11: Cover yourself entirely with suds and say you are a malevolent Michelin Man
Step 12: Blow dying bubbles into the air and sing "Baby it's Cold Outside"
Step 13: Get out, dry off, put on robe three sizes too big.
Step 14: Knock back two very strong martinis and chase it with chocolates meant for Christmas
Step 15: Replace the very big looming worry with the mild concern you will get a urinary tract infection from putting too much Mr. Bubble in the bathtub.

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Gravity: not for beginners!

derigueur has a searingly vivid encounter with gravity and divinity:

"Yesterday was a special day. Special in the sense that unlike most days, I put it to bed with great relief and numerous injuries.

If it had been staged it would have been funny. A 14-or-so hour long slapstick routine. It started in the morning when I sequentially dropped each element in the construction of breakfast. I could *sense* some spectral auditor happily ticking boxes on a clipboard somewhere as I engaged in semi-destructive percussion-testing of my extremities.

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not_in_denial on BDSM

not_in_denial's opinion about BDSM increasing his sex drive:

Kinky movie leads to sexing boyfriend with vigor? Check. Attending kinky gathering leads to sexing boyfriend with vigor? Check. Moar BDSM in sex life with boyfriend leads to moar sexing? Check!

Even leaving aside the excellent effect this is having on my sex life, getting back into BDSM is fulfilling me in ways that I'd forgotten it could.

Oh BDSM, I heart you, I'll never ignore you like that again. *buys flowers for BDSM*

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Ready to level up?

At OHNY, darksasami helps us get to the next level...

Oh, it's easy to unlock the interpretive imagery sector of the brain. All you have to do is beat Dostoevsky, Isak Dinesen, and Francis Bacon on Hard and then challenge Tatiana from Eugene Onegin while wielding the Bludgeon of Pathetic Fallacy. She's total cake if you spam down+B.

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