November 10th, 2007

film shoot

mariness explains some things to her cats:

... 4. It is indeed true that I have served pizza to other living creatures who have entered this household. I must note, however, that not a single one of these other living creatures has decided to take a running leap from the kitchen counters over the laptop and onto my chair not precisely missing my head. It is this courtesy from these other living creatures that encourages me to share my pizza with them.

Context would like its dinner all to itself, thank you. QWP.
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Zombies make everything better...

Discussion of fundie outrage over a Wiccan school's special courses yields undying hilarity on ontd_political:


I want to take the class on zombies.

and seriously, if it is a private school then it can teach any religion it wants. *sigh* People make me sad.


That was exactly my reaction. "Sigh. Don't they realize it's just like any other religious scho -- ZOMBIES. SIGN ME UP."
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Life keeps happening to our friend Crevette...

"Help. I have four teenage girls in the house and only 1/2 of a bottle of Wild Turkey.
We're going to need bigger guns. And lots more booze."

As the night progressed...

"They just found the Mountain Dew.
I'd better finish my will."

and then finally, it got ugly...

"Liv??? Is my blood supposed to clot like that????"

Context is praying for morning: Four teenaged girls. A Sleep-over. 'nuff said. (Warning: S-bomb in Quote #2). QWP.
Our thoughts are with you Crevette :-)

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