November 9th, 2007


Total Power Exchange? Not tonight, I have a head-ache.

sneakthief :

See, I would hate to lose all power and at the same time, total power sounds like a lot of fucking work that I would hate to deal with.

"Master, what is your greatest desire?"
You could make me some jalepeno poppers....
"Yes master, and then what?"
Shut the fuck up and go in the other room. You annoy me.
"I'm so sorry master! Should I be... punished?" (hopeful bambi eyes)
Punish yourself while you make the poppers... IN THE OTHER ROOM!


Howard versus Rudd

Drugs are WTF Mmmkay?

Lucas is the real Padawan

Oh GAWD don't even get me started on the midichlorians! >_<

Like, COME ON! You don't SCIENTIFICALLY QUANTIFY THE FORCE! That's just unnatural and wrong and makes it not fun anymore!

The best thing about Star Wars was how ANYBODY could be a Jedi you know?

Suddenly being able to figure out the limits of your Jedi ability through a blood test is just like sucking all the magic out through a +1 Straw of Epic Lameness and replacing that magic with quadratic equations and those stupid 'train' questions from your high school math homework. ;_;

sparklemagpie is not impressed with George
Tastes Like Chicken

The wonders of 9 year olds

Daughter: When I get older, can I kiss sexily?
iisz: Sure hon, when you meet a girl or boy you want to kiss.
Daughter: I might meet someone who is interested in the same food as me.
iisz: O_o uh, yes, sure, like...?
Daughter: Like, you know, pork.
iisz: Yes, well, hopefully one day you will meet someone who shares your interest in pork.

*sniff* my baby gets weirder everyday.

QWP'd context is locked
gothic wondering

ghymoreid's cat has a theory about the previous pizza post...

Also, very glad to know that my Mother Unit's cats are not the only one with an obsession about pizza - I think the eldest has developed a theory about Schroedinger's Pizza: That any pizza box, at any time, may or may not contain a pizza, and that pizza may or may not have pepperoni on it. This conundrum may only be solved, of course, by scratching the hell out of the top of any closed pizza box to check on the potential pizza inside. *sigh*

Context may or may not exist. THERE IS NO KNOWING! (QWP)