November 8th, 2007


tomcattionce again waxes macro lyrical about Number of the Beast

Anyway. Number of the Beast. It got less infuriating around page 270, when they finally cut down on the cutesy-wootsy "DAY! I HAS A HUBAND!" stuff. And then I was intrigued when they explained that British-Russian Mars is a Prison Colony with Steampunk Sailing Ships bringing people and supplies between the two. But he ruined it by going "DAY! I HAS A UNSTOPIBIBBLE SHIP!" and then "U CAN B CAPTAIN 4 A WILE, BB (MUHUHU U GONN GET PSYCH-RAPED)" I would like to know more about Steampunk!MarsColony, though.


the__seeker is in ur Dominoez, delivuring ur pizzas...

... but there are rules.

"-Not allowed to log in to the managers computer and change my contact details to "Stop fucking calling me", even if i haven't had a day off in three weeks.
-Not allowed to log into the managers computer and change my employee records to "Tijuana Jim", then sign timesheets as such.

-The correct phone greeting is "Welcome to Dominos Baulkham Hills, my name is Seeker, how can i help you?", not "What up? You want some pizzas or something?"

-"Can you come cover someones shift tonight?" is a yes/no question, and the response "fuck this job" is invalid.

-My official job title is "Delivery Driver", not "El Narcotraficante"

-The bulletin board is for store managers to share notes with employees. I am not to correct the spelling and grammar of these notes with red pen."

There's more where that came from.

Don't mess with prehistoric emotions.

In response to complaints about angsty RPers, beardedtroll notes:

It's not that bloody easy, okay?! The blasted thing's almost two meter tall, weighs as much as a large dog and can run at 30 mph for miles. As if that didn't make it hard enough those legs pack one hell of a whallop, they can gut a man like a knife through butter, and they strike hard enough with the beak that you sure as hell notice it.

Wait. Emo?

Context is flightless and cries itself to sleep.

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 The funny thing is, now Microsoft and Walmart have opened DRM-free music stores and you pay a premium for crippleware-free music at the iTunes store - having browbeaten, bullied and scared publishers into buying DRM, its authors are abandoning it, undercutting the aforementioned publishers and (one imagines) scooping up market share. Sony, BMG and EMI are left holding little almond-scented pills, looking at their cult leaders and saying "I thought we were all in this together!"

...and then MLB comes along, sees the massacre already under way and goes "ooh! Almond candies!"

Context is in a well watching baseball with richardthinks