November 5th, 2007

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kinkyturtle made a new mnemonic:

I notice people have trouble spelling "Gandhi", presumably because the two-letter combination "dh" is harder for English speakers to imagine than "gh". Nevertheless, "dh" is what the name is spelled with.

So I thought of a mnemonic. Gandhi was a man of peace. Peace, man. Imagine he was a hippie, gettin' peaceful, chillin' out, smokin' a doobie, and getting good and high. Good AND HIgh. G-AND-HI. GANDHI.

context is in grammargasm

Alright... who's the wise-acre that tried to blow up the userinfo?

Hey members, hey members,
Those quotes you remember,
The ones that you laughed at a lot?
We're making a list, so if you could assist,
We'll make sure that they won't be forgot.

See? And I didn't make you shave your head or anything. Just comment with a link to your favorite metaquote here and we'll link to this post on the userinfo page as a kind of "best of."
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(no subject)

In which selasphorus describes a moment in the life of Gojira, a lineolated parakeet of epic proportions (if only in his own mind).

Gojira's livejournal: "Today the pitiful featherless biped make its incomprehensible mouth-sounds at me. I repeated those which my syrinx could shape in hopes to form some sort of communication with it, but it soon devolved into incomprehensible babble. Then it got out the water bottle and OMG YAY IS IT SHOWER TIEM I LOVE SHOWER YAY FLAILING IN THE RAIN I'M FLAILING IN THE RAIN-"

QWP - Context likes shower time!
alien christ

those times when your gaze meets across the room...

yogurtrifle has been overdoing it with the leftover halloween candy:

It got to the point where I had a bar of chocolate unwrapped on the kitchen table, and I just kinda looked askance at it awkwardly. We both knew what was going on, but neither was going to make the first move. I wouldn't make the first move because I thought I was maybe becoming diabetic, and it wouldn't make the first move because, hey, it's a chocolate bar.

public post, QWP. read the whole thing because the author is a funny dear.

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I've really been wanting to host a "To Catch A Predator" themed party. I'd send out invitations as poorly spelled, netspeak laced text messages that referenced how my parents were out of town and how I was soooo horny.

My guests would all be required to bring the wine cooler or Zima flavor of their choice, dress as sleezy and creepy as possible, and when they arrived, they'd have to explain "what they're doing here?" on camera.


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Hoover vs. Man's Best Friend

hopeevey's dog helps with the health plan:
My dog is a great help, both for my mental and physical heath. She makes sure I get out in the sunshine at least a little while each day, and encourages me to exercise. If it were up to her, we'd go running every day. Of course, if it were up to her we'd also chase and eat squirrels, so I only indulge her whims so far. She's getting her winter coat in, and shedding her summer coat. Honestly, I should be vacuuming more often than I am. I've considered just vacuuming her directly, but the poor creature would probably have a heart attack. She really, really doesn't like the vacuum cleaner.

Of course, it's not surprise that she doesn't like the vacuum cleaner. It sucks up all the fluff on the floor. And she's basically made of fluff, and hangs out on the floor.
Context is pondering October, QWP
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