November 4th, 2007


Plus she'd get to play with balls ...

bronriel has an epiphany:

Cats are so lucky.

I wish I could find a paper bag big enough for me to play and hide in.

Think about it, wouldn't that be fun?

You'd move around inside of it, and the bag'd be all CRINKLE CRINKLE CRINKLE.

And when someone walked by, you could jump out, grab their leg, and say, "HAHA TRICKED YOU I AM NOT GROCERIES."

Context can has catnip nao? QWP of course.
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brunette jester

werewolves don't have these problems.

ginmar is bored with recent TV programming:
... Oh, yeah, and Torchwood? Make up your mind and stick with it. Also, the lead guy is entirely too damned enamored of his chin butt. I can't actually remember if he has a chin butt or not, but he seems like the sort of smirking dork that would have one and view it as an attractive feature. It's a place to test your shaving skills, not hide your acting skill. Also, do something about your makeup. You look like a rosy-cheeked advertising poster for some kind of beer.
Context bemoans the lack of good werewolves.