November 1st, 2007

Kushiel's Legacy: Rainbow Love.

Yet another colourful quote from active_apathy.

laurenmitchell: Add this to that other quiz I took on Quizilla, and it turns out I'm actually a box of crayons with Asperger's. (Joke. No offence intended to flisties who identify either as having Asperger's or as crayonkin.)

active_apathy's comment: Crayolasecution! Just because Brick Red wasn't the right shade for a drawing once doesn't mean we're all out to get you, and we Royal Purples can't stand them anyway. Almost as bad as those Razzle Dazzle Rose filth, who once tried to tell the Greens that they weren't a proper colour any more, but they are, and they have been since the original 8 colours. They can just get together with all the Banana Manias and go out on a 40-degree day and melt, the insensitive pencilly paraffin... idiots. I can see it now; next Mango Tango's going to get all uppity, and then those Wild Blue Yonder and Jazzberry Jam loonmuffins'll get into it, and then everyone'll be all 'O HAY LOOK TEH CRAYONKINSES IZ ALL CRAZYHEADS!', and then we all know what comes after that, Yellow's going to get all defensive, and- No. I simply cannot write any more of that, if only because every word just reinforces the frightening mental image of someone actually thinking that.

Can't sleep, nontoxic wax-based stationery will eat me. Can't sleep, nontoxic wax-based stationery will eat me. Can't sleep, nontoxic wax-based stationery will eat me.

Context is mixing its memes. Locked post, QWP.
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In a discussion on damnportlanders about last night's costumed visitors, tragerstreit had rather an interesting visitor....from the comments here

We had over sixty kids at our place last night. Sometimes living in a little pocket of suburbia pays.

The best one was a little kid dressed as Death. We answered the door and he didn't say anything, just stared.

Death: "..."

Boyfriend: "..."

Death: "...trick or treat."

Boyfriend: "Oh thank god. You're just here for candy."
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Bad Hair Day

orejen has a hair raising experience:

I woke up this morning (earlier than I meant to, ugh) thanks to Chaos enthusiastically scratching at the insides of his covered cat box. Bleh.

I stumbled to the bathroom, took one look in the mirror and let out a, well a cross between a "whaaa?" and an "Eeeek!"

Lex called from the other room, "What's wrong Mom?"

What was wrong? My hair! I must have had a REALLY restless night because my hair was teased up into a perfect 80s nimbus all around my head. Teased, ratted, all it needed was a can of hair spray!

I walked back to Alexa and said, "Look at my hair! I woke up with 80's hair!"

She looked me up and down, then said dryly, "Do you feel like starting a rock band?"

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fear and mangoes in las vegas

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Although it's nice to know I'm not that hungover, it's just a mild case of food poisoning. And a reminder to self to be more vigilant about throwing out J.'s "stuff he is planning on making something with", because apparently if it doesn't spring for his throat and scream "VIVA LA REVOLUCION" when you open the fridge door it's "still good".

takhisis, here

black_bubble on promoting world peace:

apiphile: I still think breasts and small fluffy animals would make the best ambassadors.

black_bubble: I think you're right.

Ambassadors: *show up in low-cut shirts, carrying bunnies and chipmunks* We come in peace.
Other people: *stare at breasts and fuzzy woodland creatures* Yeah. Come.
Ambassadors: Give us everything you own and bow down before us as gods.
Other people: *ogle* Okay.

Context puts kittens in its bra.