October 31st, 2007

Bea Laughs at You!

Hey! I speak whale!

Out of the dozen or so girls in my group, three of them are members of the Whale Gang. No, they came up with that name themselves. And translated it into English themselves. I don't know whether it would sound any less ridiculous in Japanese, actually.

Anyway, why is that even relevant to their speeches? Because all three of them showed-and-told about something pertaining to the Whale Gang. Whale Gang I shared a picture of the members of the Whale Gang (not even a photograph... it was caricatures she drew with black marker on lined paper, I suspect that she forgot or lost the picture she actually wanted to use). She told about the members, what they want to do (cheer up the members of their homeroom and be heroes, apparently), etc. ...

Whale Gang III showed their mascot Basuko, who is basically a man with a whale for a head? Not just the head of a whale, he's got the whole body of a whale... for a head. Doesn't that just make his human body superfluous? Anyway, I just Google image searched for "basuko" and got a lot of pictures of drugs. What is up with your mascot, Whale Gang? Seriously.

callmecaito is teaching English in Japan.
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johno had a fun evening:

Yeah, there was a quake...
...missed most of it.

We were in the middle of a Taiko song that has us really pounding on the drums, bobbing our heads and jumping around.

It wasn't till one of the folks sitting out started shouting at us: "Stop! It's an earthquake!"

That we noticed the lights and mirrors were moving more than normal.

We exchanged quake stories for a few minutes, then went back to practicing.

Context was rocking the room. Whole post, QWP, fun comments.
Adam Simpsons
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Work All Day

rev_j likes his current job (QWP):

I've been really used to rubbish prizes for work-based contests in the past.

Last job - Jonathan gets highest sales figures of the month. Wins a pack of Cough Candy.

This job - Jonathan wins best Halloween costume, just for pretty much dressing as myself. Wins a bottle of Jack Daniels. Nice.
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