October 29th, 2007

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captainsblog causes me pain.

From original entry: Eleanor made a yummy dinner tonight with chicken, a less stalky kind of broccoli and some fresh Wegmans French

princesskraehe: I read that as 'less stalkery' at first ... was wondering what sort of encounters you've had with veggies in the past.

captainsblog: Well there is that rule where we can't use a colander on the vegetables more than once.

Damn re-straining order.

Context isn't entirely painful.
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 I am a man of action...unless there's something good on TV.


While we were at SuperTarget, I found a fantastic Target exclusive set of the old Camaro Bumblebee and "battle damaged" concept Bumblebee from the Transformers movie. It was too cool to pass up. I left them at her house so I'd have something to play with, not unlike the toy basket at Grandma's house. Of course, the toy basket at Grandma's house almost always had a giant roach in it.

I hated going to grandma's house.

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The whole read: http://armyofchuckness.livejournal.com/292784.html
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Over in stupid_free, lickintoadz and quizzicalsphinx wax theological about snack foods:

quizzicalsphinx: Dammit, you atheists get everything. My only consolation is my smug self-righteousness assurance that all your delicious bean dip will not buy you a moment's mercy when you're BURNING IN HELL.

lickintoadz: Mmmm at least when we're all in hell, the cheese on our nachos will be all warm and melty.

The only seven layers context worries about are of BEAN DIP.
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A discussion of educational quality ensues.

zenostortoise: My school actually has no grades. We have high pass, pass, low pass, and no credit. And no, a no credit doesn't go on your transcript as an F. In normal college terms, it looks like a withdraw.

We also get to use crayons and paste.

thebigbadbutch: Does your tuition cover the cost of your helmet or do you have to buy that separately?

Context scored a "Spiffy."
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The lost book of the Bible

theartema is fed up with false Christians, this time inspired by the anti-Pullman rhetoric going around:

Or there's the scarier and more wtf version: "I can't change anything but THEY'RE ALL GONNA GO TO HELL WHEN GOD RAPTURES HIS CHOSEN PEOPLE LIKE ME YAY :D :D :D"

Your Christ-like countenance astounds me. Truly. There should be another book added to the New Testament, right after John, and it will be known as the Book of Asshaticus, with such gems as:

And Jesus turned to Thomas and spake thus: "Verily, ye should holdeth up thy nose at everyone save thine fellows that thinketh like thee (and even then idle gossip and speaking-eth behindeth their backseth is full of awesome)."

Asshaticus 2:23

Context will be glad she read cool books when/if the end time comes.