October 28th, 2007

Band of Brothers Nix finger

I'm going to puie

pepperlandgirl4 just got home from a Halloween Party:

"I'm seriously sodrunk. I can barely type. Lindy says posting while drunk is alwaysagoodidea. I think I might puie. We're watching Help! now. i love thismovie. i know all the words. i hope I don't puke. tonight was fun. Ialmost pade out with a girl dressed like a flamingo. she was suepr hotand she smelled good and she ketp touching me and tlelling me howinteresting I was. I would made out with her but she disappeared. :(Nobody made out with me. now i'm watching Help. it[s awesome. i knowall the words to thsi movie. {withouth the congregation, no mlre me."this is so." hahahaha. Paul is hot."

Context is sodrunk
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