October 27th, 2007

dogs allowed

and don't fall apart at the seams

thatames is trying to talk her mother into a creative project for the old phone booth her parents keep in the basement:

Tonight on the phone my mother and I were still discussing the possible phonebooth-into-TARDIS conversion. We had a disagreement over the size difference; she said the phonebooth was ten times smaller while I said it was probably only four times smaller.

She hypothesized aloud what a smaller version of the TARDIS would be called. "A TARDISito?" she asked. "No! It's the TARDIS Nano!"

"Oh, it is absolutely the TARDIS Nano," I agreed.

"Yeah, it's so much better than the TARDIS Shuffle, where you have no control over your time travel at all."

Context prefers official sonic screwdrivers to tire gauges, as well.
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In response to the news that Dubya is getting FEMA together, again, starwild dishes her opinion:

I feel exceptionally justified in saying--as a journalist, Katrina evacuee, and taxpayer--that there are not enough desks in the world to properly receive the amount of abuse my forehead would like to bestow upon their wooden surfaces at this moment in time.

This is like government-funded sock puppetry, for cryin' out loud.

Context survived Katrina, but not FEMA

Newly unlocked entry, QWP.
Kushiel's Legacy: Rainbow Love.

wolfishgrin is responsible.

Quoted from this public post.

I'm house sitting for my sister, and at enough of a loose end to post to livejournal.

So, cats. Two of them. Probably. I'll go check.

Yeah, still two of them. Both neutered and well fed, so there won't be any addition or subtraction for now. One of them, the big one (Boofhead) is quite friendly, to the point that he spent a good five minutes licking my hair. I'd have stopped him but I haven't showered today, so it saved me the trouble.

The other one, Goofy, is less friendly. Runs off when I get near, unless she's busy staring at the carpet. Difficult to feed without Boofhead eating what I give her first. Still, she plays when the mood hits her, and stays out of trouble. Neither of them has thrown up or caught fire, so I'm chalking this up to a success.

Vacuumed up enough cat hair to make a horse. I'd mow, but I can't rent a lawnmower nearby. Maybe I can steal a goat. Or make one out of cat hair.

So what am I going to do with these cats that will leave a lasting memory for my sister and her new husband? Shaving and tattooing seems an obvious option. Replacing them with noticeably different cats, another. Perhaps packaging them up, to be opened with the rest of the wedding gifts on the newlywed's return...
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