October 26th, 2007

ESOTSM - Couch

heartofthehouse is a failure

Forecasts indicate next week will be the worst of my life. Two traditional midterms to take, and two essays due (one of which is part of a midterm), with another due the Monday after. Expect heavy showers throughout the week as I cry over my academic failures.

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In which CGI gore is shown to lift even the dreariest of spirits

The ever-quotable ursulav has been playing video games:

Somewhere in Raleigh, in a ground floor apartment most notable for the quantity and variety of birdfeeders outside it, a woman is sitting on the couch. She has red hair, a Roman nose* and the wide, worried, faintly hopeful eyes of a baby seal. She is wearing a soft grey bathrobe and immense fluffy pink socks, and she is drinking peppermint tea out of a mug with gamboling sea otters on it. You suspect at a glance that this is a woman who feels bad for roadkill and always leaves her change in the "Help a Homeless Pet" jar at the vet.

There is an enormous tomcat on her lap. He would be asleep, but every time he starts to doze off, she screams "EAT IT, YOU SONS OF WHORES!" at the TV, and his ears twitch. Occasionally he gives her a reproachful look, usually after she's accidentally beaned the controller off his head. One particularly dramatic gout of on-screen gore causes her to yell "HOOOYAH!" and pump her fist in the air, forcing the cat to retire further down the couch. He puts his chin on a fluffy pink sock and thinks dark feline thoughts.

In conclusion, "God of War" is more fun than one person ought to be able to have by themselves.

*One of the Romans who write epic poetry, probably. Unlikely to stab anyone on the Senate steps. Lacks attention span for serious vice. Voted most likely to fiddle around while Rome burns.

That's the whole post. QWP, because I'm nice that way.
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Breaking up is hard to do...

luminairex ends a relationship:
Vista, it's been grand, but not playing my music is the nail in the coffin for you. I can put up with slowness, I can put up irritating popup dialogs, I can even tolerate an occasional blue screen here and there. But I'm not going to sit here for hours figuring out why you're refusing to play any of my MP3's or stream any music channel from di.fm, and simultaneously wonder why the inane noises you make when I get email or hook up a USB drive are acceptable. I might be more inclined to give a fuck about you when you release the next service pack, but until then, GTFO.

The last, and possibly only, useful thing you're going to do for me is download the latest Ubuntu distro off Bittorrent.