October 25th, 2007


A witerary review of sunday funnies:

shaenon has found the secret of Funky Winkerbean:

In brief, Funky is the Picture of Dorian Gray of the comic-strip page. It takes onto itself the sins of other comic strips so that they can remain forever youthful and beautiful, reflecting those sins in its own cast's withered and twisted countenances. The people of Westview lose limbs, waste away from terminal diseases, and age decades in a flash, all so that Dagwood and Hagar the Horrible might never age.

Public post Here contains even more amusement.


I keep hearing voices...

motomuffin has discovered a plot:

And the conversation at the table got around to GPSes, and the GPS's voices, and how funny it is that in most cases the GPS-voice is female. I said "I think it's fantastic. It gets men used to listening to, and trusting, a female voice to tell them where to go."

Context is drying coffee off keyboards...
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pink_vader0001 comments in fanficrants about an unusual warning label...

Warnings: Severe Violence, Rape, but most inportant Unrequited Love

...Okay. First of all, who warns for unrequited love? I mean, it's almost as bad as warning for fluff.
And since when is unrequited love more important of a warning than severe violence and rape?

ivy_chan responds...

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Context has some Death Note rants, and more speculation.