October 23rd, 2007


rosehiptea on childhoods

"In my day we walked barefoot on broken disease-infested glass all the time and nobody took us to any sissy doctor, and if we misbehaved they shot us with automatic weapons and we were damn well grateful, and there was nothing to do for fun but go out in the street and get run over by cars; we didn't have all these fancy blah blah blah..."

The friends only context is here.
Beware of People

Witty Subject Line About snuffylicious' Ranting Style


ETA: Expression of astonishment that my post has acquired so many comments in so short a timespan. Ponderings as to whether or not I should read them.

ETA2: Interjection! Amused/snarky comment alluding to the fact that I have been mod-tagged.

ETA3: Interjection the second! Expression that my poor inbox has been stretched to capacity. Obligatory strikethrough sentence that may be offending to some parties. Obligatory small text in defense of the strikethrough text.


The gestalt of comments is funny too.

Context: http://community.livejournal.com/fanficrants/5702541.html?page=1#comments