October 22nd, 2007


cavalorn finds Radio 4 on Sunday mornings a little noisy.

If it's a Sunday, then just before the shipping forecast they announce something like this:

'And now it's time for Bells on Sunday. Come with us to the little country church of St. Cheesemite's in the peaceful village of Sodomy-under-Eaves, where the St. Cheesemite's Guild of Diocesian Bell Ringers will be ringing Spliced Jollity Major.'

And there follows two minutes of saucepans falling down a well shaft.

The whole post is very very funny.

orangenoslide has been thinkin'

I've come to a conclusion as of late:

You can pretty much completely pin down someone's taste in men by which Backstreet Boy was their favorite.

Type 1, the Nick Carter fan, will go for the pretty boy teen idol type. He may be an all-around good guy or have a little bit of a rebellious streak, but either way the people that like him tend to be more looks-based in their choice in men than others and are attracted to him because of his young, cute appearance and hot public image.

Type 2, the Brian Littrell fan, goes for the sensitive artsy guy. He's not a bad boy, and he's not the world's best dancer, but he will always be there for you and knows that he can win your heart through his refined talent and kind demeanor.

Type 3, the Kevin Richardson fan, likes the suave and sexy guy. He's not always the center of attention, but when the focus turns to him he shines and pretty much makes hearts melt. There's just something about him that kinds of oozes appeal from the sidelines.

Type 4, the AJ McLean fan, goes for the bad boy and the rebel. Always making a scene or spicing up the main event, he can rock out with the best of them and show you a really good time. In the boy band of life, type 4's tastes are all man.

Type 5, the Howie Dorough fan, gets surprised by the men they fall for. His appeal is turning from the kickin' best friend to the shocking heartthrob. Though he may be forgettable to some, to you, he's anything but.

Context wants it that way.
Locked, QWP.
macintosh superiority

It's a Pod of Funny, that's what it is

rosefox   rewards herself for doing all her chores by buying another iPod.

sinboy  : Is it two iPods or two iPod?
rosefox  : iPods. A pod of iPods.
sinboy  : How many iPods in a pod? Any number more than two?
rosefox  : Two iPods would be a diPod.
sinboy  : Not a biPod?
rosefox  :No, I'm a biPod because I own two iPods. I am the very picture of decadent consumerism!
sinboy : Doesn't it just make you want to diePod? QWP.