October 21st, 2007

Give a dog a home

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slinksgirl has seen the future:

Every day I I log into my gmail account, I believe more and more that google is aiming for world domination. They aren't going to bomb anyone...no, that's not their way. They are going to make their products so user-friendly, integrated and accessible that you will never log into another email account. Once they have converted the world to their "Why don't you just try our easy-to-use google notebook" ways, THEY WILL SIMPLY DISAPPEAR--POOF. The world will descend into chaos and confusion without google calenders and contacts. Markets will crash; babies will be thrown out of burning buildings and I will be wandering around the riotous streets, lost without my google map gadget and no way to find my way home.

I've seen the future, guys. And I am scared.

- QWP from Ohio