October 20th, 2007

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Spam?? This is not Hawaii....

Donate for website which fights with money laundry and child porno please!!
(site) is working for your calm!

I'm really hoping this is a bad case of Engrish and they misunderstood the phrases "to do battle with", etc.

Because otherwise, if they're fighting WITH dirty money and kiddie pron, what the hell are they fighting AGAINST? "We have you now, Skeletor Bin Laden! Cower before our Mafia funds and the October issue of Boy Scouts In Leather!"

And that really harshes my calm.

takhisis's calm is upset by Spam

Whole post...QWP

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films not butter! guns not movies!

  swanofkennet has some very interesting things to say about the long, painful, painful, painful death of the cinema:

See anything you fancy? No, me neither. Eight screens, each and every one of them filled with unremitting tosh. Stardust is an excruciating two-and-a-half hours of unremitting tosh. I note that Peter O'Toole turns up in a couple of these, though not exactly above the title. All I can say is that this is a salutory lesson in how drink can bring a great man low. One of them - The Invasion, was recalled by Warner Brothers, the director sacked, and the film rehashed because the version as presented didn't have enough 'special effects'. 'Special effects' have nothing to do with true cinema, they are there so that spotty and vacuous teenage boys can make the seats sticky. Which is presumably why cinemas these days don't have proper seats, are filled with the sickly reek of stale oil, and resound to the jangle of game machines.


  The rest is here.
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gothic wondering

voldiespet discusses Dumbledore's outting with the other Death Eaters...

Voldie: She will be revealing our secrets next. *storms around the room hissing*
Pet: *pokes head out* Who will?
Walden: *hands paper to Pet*
Pet: *reads headline* Albus Dumbledore was Gay Rowling Reveals. *yawns*
Severus: *looks sleepy* My Lord. Rowling has proven to be terrible at recalling details. Next year she'll say Dumbledore was really a mongoose.

Context is Voldemort's pet and lives in the Impenetrable Fortress (tm). (QWP, flocked)

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rev_hp_meyers is the best pastor ever:

Fishnet T-Shirt - Check
Leather Pants - Check
Awesome Boots - Check
Loop-Ring Choker - Check
Various Gothy T-Shirts - Check
Black Lipstick, Mascara, Eyeliner - Check

I've got to color my hair, get my nails done, do something about beard/eyebrows and I'll be all set...

for church

Context has some old-new-time religion.
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