October 19th, 2007


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pi3r4t mourns the loss of an appropriate track from the Score of Her Life.

Sometimes I feel like I have cheated myself out of ever singing "I Will Survive" again.

Can't exactly change the lines to

k fine whatever
just don't do it again
I'll be really pissed off if you do
and so will all my friends

Context is accidentally smacking itself in the face with a hairbrush microphone. Locked, QWP.
wool setting

from customers_suck

what does "Well I don't have to move! We're all good Christians here!" mean? facists_suck translates.

"Since I am a Christian and you all are surely Christians, and the people behind me are Christians, it would be Unchristian of you to make me pull aside, because you could steal my food, which would not be very Christian of you, and I could be waiting there for many Christian hours waiting for my Christian food when you Christian folk Unchristianly ate it without telling this here Christian. Also, the Christians behind me will forgive me for holding them up, because that's the Christian thing to do. Christian. Christian Christian Christian."
Gundam X - GX-9900

At least she's got nice hair!

On fanficrants, chelonianmobile complains about an elf's name:

"L'Oreal" is not a good name for a Mirkwood elf. 'Nuff said.

The comments speculate...

redscharlach: Would that be L'Oréal, daughter of Fructis and Nutrisse, and heir to the mystic kingdom of Heddan Sholdas?

teh_arpil: goddaughter to alberto and great-niece to lady garnier.

tigerpetals: And sister to the Princess Pantene.

kahva: Meanwhile, Pert, Breck and Suave are having a therapy session with White Rain, trying to get over their hurt feelings over being left out.

Therapy just might help them. White Rain did help Aqua Net with their abandonment issues after the 80's ended, after all. Look for Aqua's new tell-all, "My Life with Cinderella and Poison: How I Helped Them Rock 'n Roll All Night and Party Every Day".

Chapter One: "Why I Hooked Up With Cinderella - My Life After Duran Duran Broke Up With Me And Mary Kay".

Because context is worth it.
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