October 18th, 2007


Ode to Punctuation

nederlandergirl over in fanficrants vents her frustration in verse.

'Twas yonder in the meadow fic that one eve I did find
A fic so uncliched and true, it was one of a kind
With startled gasps and muffled joy, I, the reader, wept
For despite their gorgeous writing style, the author was inept
Could I have read, in place of "you are", "your?"
Such careless errors turn a lovely read into a bore
Misplaced commas,closing quotes that come before their time
As well as wrongful colons turned this fic into a crime
How sad to see a lovely writer mangle their own work,
Allowing such disastrous punctuation was berserk!
Fair FF net, why do you let such tales go uncorrected?
Each and every story, from now on, should be inspected!
So let us, the readers of fanfic, come together and unite
Against the evils of horrid punctuation, we must fight!
The moral of my poem, why I did rant and fuss
Is that proofreading your fanfic is most always a must!

Context's lyrics are bottomless.
The Marble Garden

"If someone's on fire, the ritual is over."

falcongirl posts an Emergency Ritual Kit in dot_pagan_snark, to much acclaim. Contents include:

Fire extinguisher - Polyester blend robes. Large Beltane fire. A HP whose initials must have actually stood for Harry Potter from all the swishing and flicking he felt necessary. He went up like the Burning Man. People ran to help pat him out, only to get the defacto Greek Fire on their hands. Broke the damn circle, ran to my car and grabbed an extinguisher and put him out. That also got written up on my list of when it's ok to break the rules. "If someone's on fire, the ritual is over."

Context is dancing around the fire, QWP.