October 15th, 2007

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solandra has uncovered the universal feline conspiracy:

"The problem with the cuteness of kittens is that it suckers you in, and then you end up with a cat who just looks at you funny and shits in a box."

Context has a flavor.
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Welcome back, folks...

I put this up on Friday night, then realized that not everyone reads back through the entire weekends, silly me.

Please check out what you can do to stop that not-so-fresh feeling here in metaquotes.

Thank you much...
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mountain_fawn goes Carlin on your bitch-ass.

I hate when people use the word "hence" improperly.

Example: I love that about something hence why I have a poster of it in my room.


Better: I love that about something, hence I have a poster in my room.

Still not great.

Better still: I love something. That's why I have a poster in my room.

One last improvement.

Best: I'm an idiot who comments on youtube. Please ignore me.