October 13th, 2007

Bear Nuts

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ursulav has a sheet to take notes...

After a month, it's gotten a little...odd.

It has phone numbers on both sides, the name of an insurance agent, the URL of the local collision shop, the word "GOGGLES!!" in large letters, underlined twice, a small doodle of a chicken with a sign saying "Cluck!" and, perhaps most disturbing, a carefully labelled chart of the female reproductive anatomy, with an arrow saying "Endometrium, damnit."

Each of these--except perhaps the chicken--were briefly crucial to my existence. This worries me sometimes.

Context writes their notes like Wile E. Coyote.
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What do we want? Status Quo! When do we want it? Still!

extempore boggles at the logic behind repealing a law:

It's bad enough that the lawmaking process is now nothing but a glorified whining contest between interest groups, all of it mostly financed by people who are unwilling or unable to compete effectively in a whinefest. We're saddled with that. But when they infer low support for a law from the fact that people aren't showering them with displays of support for the already existing law then they've set the whine bar a little high. I guess I'm supposed to draft a letter to my reps every day, and if I can't find anything to oppose on a given day I should find something in the status quo to support.

Dear Oregon Legislators:

I am writing to express my ongoing support for oregon's policy of not settling small claims disputes via gladiator combat. I am concerned that the people of oregon have come to take this for granted so I want you to know that at least one of your fine citizens understands that this preference must be reasserted continually. I understand and accept that if a full year goes by without your receiving letters on this point, you will feel justified, nay obligated, to designate sword combat to the death as the new resolution mechanism for claims of $500 or less.

(Parenthetically, I do support gladiator combat when the claim exceeds $500. Tort reform now!)

Citizen of Oregon

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