October 11th, 2007

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dr4b explores Namjatown

... While sitting outside the merry-go-round with Kat, watching people dressed in funny costumes as proprietors of the shops, I suddenly realized it was just like Final Fantasy 6 come to life. I felt like I should walk up to the costumed proprietor of the shop nearby and press A, and we'd both turn towards each other, he'd say something like "Welcome to our shop! Would you like to buy something? > Yes > No" and I'd press "No" and we'd turn away and I'd walk along, until running into a moogle or something.

Which, oddly, is exactly what happened next. A big funny-looking white cat mascot came down the hallway just as I was saying all this. Kat took a picture of me with it which looks horrible, but I took a decent picture of her with it. I think we leveled up after that, but I'm not sure since I had to find a save point and quit the game to go back to work.

Context is looking for cheat codes.
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Beer and Christianity

Posted in a "Dominionist Christianity" watch community, in regard to links between Dominionist groups and American beer megacorp Molson-Coors:

They're "beer" in the same way Dominionism is Christianity. It's sort of the same color, but kind of watered-down on the important parts, and something is wrong with the flavor.

Original Post Here
Context Here

Lesbian Feminism..and Proverbial Vibrators...

from diekia , who was musing upon Willa Cather and lesbian inequality:

If we as lesbians sit back and wait around for society  to get it right, then we will be sitting on our vibrators w/a dull numbing, waiting around forever for the eventual orgasm.

Context can be found at: http://diekia.livejournal.com/94487.html
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Gimme that Middle Earth religion...

duia has a mind like a steel trap:

[A]fter years of Islamic school, that stuff starts to seep from your head, or combine with movies or something. I'm pretty sure I have the Battle of Badr and the one in Helm's Deep coagulated into one epic mass in my brain.

Context has unnecessary knowledge of camels

Edited because you're not supposed to metaquote posted conversations (sorry!)

I put the text of the original post over here so the commenters don't sound crazy. ^_^
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