October 5th, 2007


It was a dark and stormy day....

at thunderemerald's literary job. Suddenly a bad submission rang out. thecoddesslives sympatized:

The blood looked like Lindsay had shot herself in the head. It rolled across her desk and dripped onto the floor, pouring over the half-read manuscript under her lifeless head. Lindsay hadn't really shot herself in the head. Reading this trash had popped a blood vessel in her brain, so she was bleeding from her eyes and nose, making it look like she had shot herself in the head.

Copied from here, kewpied from her.
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elsewhere7 tries to imagine what possessed the US Air Force to propose development of a "gay bomb":


Picture it if you will... A dimly lit room in the Pentagon, flourescents from above making patterns in the glasses of water at the hand of each military bigwig sitting at a circular table as the researcher shows a holo-display of the effects of this 'Gay Bomb' chemical agent he has developed.

The researcher regards the assembled officers under bushy white eyebrows as he adjusts the lab goggles perched on his forehead. All of his hours spent on research, discarding unworkable formulas, and hundreds of living test subjects, each turning out more fabulous than the last. It all comes down to this moment.

"Zee?" he asks, in his best Mad-Scientist accent. "Once zat ees done, we go to Phase Two, vhere ve vill turn ze Moon into ze giant Deesco Ball!"

The impassive faces around the table watch the researcher as his eyed widen, showing whites in the triumph of his research and the unveiling of his master plan.

"Und zen, ve commence wit Operation: Boogie Vonderland!"

I bet it happened just like that.


QWP. Context has been taking lessons from Cobra Commander.