September 29th, 2007

alliterator89 gives us the Cliffsnotes version of YuGiOh.

my first encounter with yugioh sort of left me cold. I watched it with my younger sister and I think it was one of the orichalcas episodes which really don't make sense to a new viewer. It was sort of 'Why does he talk to himself all the time, what's with the magic card games and why does this guy have a see-through bondage slave twin?' After that I sort of forgot about it until years later when I saw the Egyptian arc.

It freaked me out to say the least. Bondage Slave was suddenly parading around in a mini-skirt and earrings with a dazzling new tan. I have always had a love of Egyptology so I watched for that. By the time I saw Bondage Slave declare his devotion to Girly Pharaoh while they clasped hands in a manly fashion I have to say I was hooked.

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