September 28th, 2007

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She keep it on and poppin'

ladybast let her mind wander during class today.

There was a lull in class today and I was sitting there doodling in my notebook when a thought occurred to me.

Can you imagine the utter mayhem and mess that would ensue if people just started popping?

So then I REALLY started thinking about it. Would they swell up beforehand and have a split second to warn other people? Would janitors world-wide quit their jobs because the second they cleaned up one mess, someone else would pop and force them to start all over?

People would stop going out to restaurants because they'd get tired of two things: fellow diners popping inexplicably and the remaining wait staff saying "I'm sorry, ma'am, we have to remake your steak, our chef just popped."

Then I started looking around my small classroom and wondering who the first popper would be and then I started thinking closely about the sort of mess it would make and how shocked everyone would be at this guy being the first world-wide random popper.

And then I thought to myself, "Self, everyone would start wandering around wearing rubber sheets because people would just be popping left and right with no warning whatsoever. IT WOULD BE AN EPIDEMIC."

And there'd be no way to cure it because the brightest minds in the world would get together and one guy would proclaim to know the cure and right as he started his presentation he'd go POP and someone else, after wiping off their face, would say "SHIT. He didn't write that down by any chance, did he?"

Seriously though, if I were a janitor and people just started popping everywhere, I'd fucking quit in a heartbeat.

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blessed are the dumb

But you didn't describe his shoes!

celleri_kun, in bad_rpers_suck, on truly vile RP forums:

This one was so bad I briefly considered trolling it, but it would've been way too easy. Forget the barrel, this would be more like shooting fish duct-taped to the end of a gun.

And later on, a bit about "literate" role-playing games: Collapse )

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