September 27th, 2007


Now it's in my heeeaaaad...

zortified needs sleep and I need some de-ABBA-ing brain bleach.

This is what I've been singing to myself for the last couple of hours at work:

If you change your mind, I'm the first in line,
Let your ass hang free, take your pants off, please.
If you're swinging, freely, turn around
If you got no pants at all 'cause you pulled them down
If you're all a-skin, and pretty girls have gone
Let your ass hang free
Take your pants off, please.

Hi. I go to bed nao kthzbai?

Context is lucky she doesn't work in an office. Unlike some. Public post, QW...well, she went to bed. But if she doesn't like it she knows where I live.
hello cookie!

(no subject)

happiestsadist on measuring sexual submissiveness.

I'd be very interested in exactly how one quantifies sexual submission, especially in vanilla relationships. "Well, as you see, the female is clearly showing 18 Os of submission in contrast to the male's 12 de Sades of domliness."