September 26th, 2007


10 Reasons Why MySpace Is Awful.

lifeinamarble made a wonderfully entertaining post addressing 10 Reasons Why MySpace Is Awful, which concludes with the following:

Isn't it ironic that I'm talking about how crappy MySpace is ON AN INTERNET JOURNAL?! Unfortunately, it's a relatively necessary evil because this is one of the only surefire ways to communicate with people these days seeing as the process of reading/replying to e-mails is now far too much to ask. Convenience has replaced common courtesy and it's a bit sad really. But hey, if any of you feel you still have the energy to do anything after reading this rantfest, be sure to leave me comments so that it looks like I'm superpopular. Who knows, maybe it'll be enough to get me a show on VH1?!

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This is pretty much the entire post, from Teh_no, but I link to context anyway.

It occurs to me that Batman's entire career is an example of what happens when "Keeping It Real" goes wrong.

"Confront my friends about my lack of trust in them? Hell no, nigga! I keep it real! OMAC control, launch that s***!"

Context is having trust issues.
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Canine Etiquette at its finest.

"It is unbefitting of your station in society to relieve yourself upon the foliage. You must instead wait for a suitable newsprint or other receptacle to be presented to you by your caretaker or parlormaid, whereupon you may defecate gracefully and briefly. You must always attempt to be silent during this act, and should be certain to rinse the affected area in rosewater immediately afterwards. If rosewater is unavailable, champagne is an acceptable alternative. If your owner is unable to furnish you with a suitable quantity of rosewater or champagne, telephone the ASPCA immediately."

--suitablyemoname in customers_suck, on the training of purebred dogs.

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