September 25th, 2007

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Nasty Viri run rampant

insafemode issues a virus warning over at bad_sex, not so friends locked but quoted with permission

I am hereby wrapping youngsoulrebelin latex and putting him on the Do Not Talk List. He has Herpes Simplex Ego, a burning desire to be the center of the internet. If you have talked with youngsoulrebel and feel like you might have been exposed to his ego, please wipe your typing fingers with a moist towellete and see your nearest WebMD. Failure to do so may lead to you spreading this disease to others. Symptoms include: certainty that your opinion is correct and the only one that matters, inability to not post the same point over and over in a series of comments in an attempt to prove how smart you are, being a general nuisance. If you have these symptoms, before you go to your local webMD make sure you unfriend bad_sexbecause we don't want your rampant douchetruckery in our community. Herpes Simplex Ego can be and must be stopped at all cost. While there are no statistics to support the disease being fatal, I know many people who would like to kill the twatpimples that have it. /modding

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