September 24th, 2007

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For Goodness Sakes!!!!

Don't eat the chunky soup!!! From jhun From the nflfansQWP:

Stupid Chunky Soup commercials. Don't blame it on racism, McNabb. Blame it on Campbell's soup. Don't blame it on on poor officiating, Seahawks. Blame it on Campbell's Soup. Don't blame last year on Big Ben's motorcycle accident. Blame it on Campbell's Soup.

The Madden Curse has nothing on the red and white can. LDT will be continue to play like garbage while those commercials are getting their run.

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Ceci n'est-ce pas une pipe

juanoclock eulogizes Marcel Marceau (dead Sept 22, 2007)

I suppose it's too early to make comments or inquiries about whether he died silently, so I suppose it would also be out of the question to say I think we'll all remember Marceau in our own quiet way, and this being said, it would no doubt be wrong to ask whether a silent auction of his things will be held for charity; which undoubtedly implies that it would be wrong of me to discuss how Marceau was a quiet source of strength in my life, or how I was left speechless after being told about his passing, or that, despite his talents I was nevertheless troubled by his silence on a number of controversial issues, although I did admire his quiet sense of dignity, and how he showed us how to live through actions rather than words; and I do agree with those who would say it is wrong to point out that the dead do not speak, the dead tell no tales, and that two can keep a secret if one of them is dead; and that it is very rude to suggest that now, like Mercutio, we'll find Marceau to be a grave man; and even though it would be clever and witty thing to say, I shouldn't trouble someone to ask whether it is not gauche to mention how eerily it is that Marceau should have passed away in the stillness of Autumn like so many falling leaves; and certainly to say he was a man of few words is purely trite and childish, so, instead I'll just say "rest in peace" and sing ever so quietly, "Silent Night."

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