September 22nd, 2007


Pirate Haiku

shadesong writes pirate haiku for Talk Like a Pirate day:

Parrot keeps singing
Yo ho, me hearties, yo ho
Please shoot the damn thing

Accursed termites
Colonizing my peg leg
That's why I swagger

Can't we have a normal date?
Less plunder,perhaps?

Lace the corset tight
I'll distract them with my boobs
You pick their pockets

Jolly Roger me
Poop deck is off limits, though
That is not my kink!

Context is walking the plank (with more goodies in the comments).
Sasuke_my WTF face let me show you it

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ironychan has a reviewer problem on fanficrants...

ironychan: A review I recieved today, verbatim and in full:

i swear if this dont git updated soon im gonna hunt down and kill sumbody

Yeah, because telling me a Texan lumberjack is going to come shoot me if I don't update my fic is really damn inspiring.

ediblestars: "I tell yew what, I have durned near had my fill of all this here wankin' and trollin' in my fandoms. Gol-durn fanbrats writin' up a mess of Sues, rapin' them characters left 'n' right... don't rightly think I kin take it no more."

"Well, Jeb, that's all well and good. But what do you reckon 'bout yaoi?"

aguafiestas: Whoa there, cowpoke. In the US of A, we speak American, not none-a that Chinese shee-it. 'Speshly not about the homer-o-sexuals. Just ain't patriotic.
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logrusboy can make Pokemon seem good ...

Pokemon is, in a word, insipid. However, it's still better than living in the real world. Why? Glad you asked!

- Kids can wander all over the place safely without adult supervision.
- All cops are polite, helpful, hot, and dressed in miniskirts.
- The laws of physics are suspended whenever someone could otherwise be seriously hurt.
- All nurses are polite, helpful, hot, and dressed in miniskirts.
- You can have a pet dragon.
- The worst evil you're likely to face is a pair of idiots, one of whom is hot and dresses in miniskirts.

Yep, it's definitely the place to be!

That's the entry in its entirety.
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