September 21st, 2007


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jesse_dylan Debates communications in the animal and human world.

"Cats love to sniff each other's asses, but none of them seem to like actually getting their ass sniffed.

People are exactly the same.

We love to get our snouts in each other's biz for a sniff, but we don't like other people in our biz.

Puckery little things, too, aren't they? Cat anuses, I mean."

context is in the litterbox checking cat butts.
rAmen by crossbow1

yo yo, I suck n' suck, n' I go go go!

latenightparty is a record exec in the making.

And then Mike said, "Lil' Troy sounds like a rapper name." And then I suddenly had an idea. I drew a picture of an album cover with the baby on it, except now the baby was decked out in heavy gold chains and tattoos along with his pacifier. It was his single, "F*** U ALL."

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Context is chillin' in the crib.

Promotional material included!
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Elorie writes:

"In a move widely regarded as a commentary on events of the preceding week, or possibly life in general, fudge appeared this morning in the refigerator of a household in Athens, Georgia.

A young resident of the household was alerted last night when he noticed a strange smell emanating from the kitchen.

Questioned closely about the situation, a woman in her late thirties whose hipster glasses marked her as an English graduate student said, "I was in my own room, drinking red wine and reading Virginia Woolf, and I suddenly realized that there was no chocolate in the house. I just panicked."

When interviewed later, the younger resident, a thirteen year old boy, said, "Fudge? I'm in favor of it."

donk... donk... donk...

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tenaciousb explains the current administration in terms we can all understand:

Cheney is obviously the emperor. He rose through the ranks of corporations and the House, both a singular body representing a conglomerate of people (the Senate), to take an advisory role while guiding a younger, less intelligent individual prone to violent outbreaks and juvenile protests of anger and angst (Bush). Furthermore, upon convincing the younger individual that there is inherent evil in the world, the population is thrown into chaos and war while the Emperor sits in the background and commands the actions from the background.


May the context be with you.