September 20th, 2007

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Apes aren't monkeys-are they?

Responding to my post about the gorilla drummer, rho observes:
Pfft. As any fool knows, "monkeys" are a paraphyletic group, with catarrhini – the apes and old world monkeys – forming the sister clade to platyrrhini, the new world monkeys.

As such, if one is arguing from a purely cladistic viewpoint, rather than adhering to morphological taxonomies, referring to a gorilla as a monkey is perfectly cromulent, in the same way that one might refer to a chicken as a dinosaur.

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eva hesse

and for $500:

deesarrachi describes her outfit:
So, let's play What's That Stereotype!

Wearing a fitted, pink top with flowy writing from Old Navy--girl.
Using a canavs bag to carry books and purchases--hippy girl.
Keys on a university lanyard--decently smart hippy girl.
Nails painted in Ravenclaw colours--geeky decently smart hippy girl.
Sits down and pulls out the...Men's Health magazine, turning straight to the 'please your woman'

:D And that concludes today's What's That Stereotype! Mail in your address now on a postcard to get a copy of the home game! :D

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Everyone's A (Music) Critic

Friend labyrinthine_ has this to say about her office's choice in background music:

for whatever reason today, my manager got tired of listening to dave fm (I know, I know, but it's something we generally all agree on as far as inoffensive work music goes, and by "offensive", I mean "fucking country" in the context of "to people with ears"). so the new girl, who's sitting at the desk that we stream itunes from, chose a...blues station. it was like eight hours of wrist-slitting fun. "down the road, not across the street" or however it goes, set to a fucking twelve-bar structure.

Context is friendslocked, QWP, and hiding the razor blades.
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