September 17th, 2007


It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year...

rowana, on 10 little-known facts about Ramadan:


3. Do expect lots of friends to suddenly need favours. It's Ramadhan, the month of giving, and everybody knows it.

4. Do not expect to be able to eat all the food you horde away during the day once it's dark again. This is usually not due to overestimating the amount you can eat because you're hungry, but down to the fact that your siblings/friends/pet will find your stash and polish it off first. (A lack of food leads to a proportional loss in hording abilities. Hiding the chocolate behind the radiator will not end well. I speak from experience.)

5. Expect to find yourself craving foods you previously found repulsive. (It will happen, trust me. Usually at 4am when you've woken up for breakfast and just stubbed your toe coming down the stairs and have opened the fridge to realise that you're all out of milk.)

6. Expect to watch lots and lots of daytime TV. Expect to watch the cooking shows, in particular, often enough that your parents start to hide the remote. Expect to attempt to make dishes from said cooking shows and to break down crying when you finish the perfect chocolate cake at 2pm and have to wait six hours to eat it.10
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