September 12th, 2007


Knowledge the wing wherewith xiphias flies to Heaven

Fairies can travel at Mach 49.

Data and assumptions:

In Act II, Scene 1 of Midsummer Night's Dream, when sent on a mission by Oberon, Puck says that he will "put a girdle round about the earth
In forty minutes."

Now, as a girdle goes around the widest point of a person, we can assume that Puck is saying that he can do an equatorial circumnavigation of the Earth in 40 minutes. The equatorial circumference of the earth is pretty darned close to 24900 miles, or 40075 km. (The polar circumference is 40036, by the way. They attempted to define the kilometer as 1/10000 the distance from the equator to the pole, but some error crept in, and they didn't hit it quite. Still, as an off-the-cuff number to remember, "40000 km circumference" is a fine approximation.)

24900 in 40 min is 37350 mph, which is just about Mach 49. Therefore, fairies can travel at Mach 49 sustained for forty minutes.

Context creeps in this petty pace from day to day. QWP.
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Sanosuke (mischeivous)

bellarisa has her Moment of Zen interrupted

Lately, during Nap Time, I've been folding laundry while I bounce/jog on my mini-trampoline and catch up on my DVR'red shows. I tend to watch my 'crying' shows, A Baby Story or dramatic weight loss or whatever. Usually there's no one home to see this. But my husband is still on short term disability.

Yesterday the Hobbit walked into his family room to find his little wife watching
Supernanny while bouncing up and down and sobbing. Folding t-shirts. In just a bra and shorts.

He backed out slowly, mumbling about them thinking HE's the crazy one...

Context should have just stuck to dancing in her undies. QWP.

EDIT: small word change at OP's request.
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(no subject)

In customers_suck, _coffee_bean_ gets called a fatty. Hilarity ensues:

aethwolf: A much more amusing response would've been to get that hungry look in your eyes (you know, the kind fatties get at the scent of a ham fresh out of the oven) and then run straight at her, plowing her over and taking a few bites out of her. Maybe with some predatory screeches thrown in for good measure.

_coffee_bean_: "*turns around* has anyone ever told you how..tasty.. you look in that ketchup covered tanktop... I could jus'.. eat you up... *stomache growls*"
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