September 9th, 2007


False advertising!

lilymoon1 bemoanssummaries in fanfiction and the accuracy thereof...

I agree that warnings or, let's call them descriptions shall we, should be included in a fic summary. Yaoi, BDSM, non-con...some people just don't want to read it.


Not that ficcers would do it, but I'd like warnings such as: boring as hell, rampant OOCness, parody gone bad, blatant Mary Sue, obviously self-insert, character personality bastardization ahead, I know nothing of the original, grammar and spelling shot to hell, format of DOOM!, Plot? What Plot?, apparently I've never had sex or studied anatomy and... I forgot what fandom I was writing for.

Seeing warnings like these would save me from a lot of wasted time and the monthly bill for brain bleach would get smaller.
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not just for geico anymore...

crevette is feeling rather old:

Knowing what has gone before and what is to come is very important, so I picked up the habit about twenty-two years ago (Jesus, I am OLD) when I first started in insurance (At this age I'm quite sure I adjusted rock claims for Caveman Mutual. "Gee, Ogg. Rough day at the office?" "Ugg, you have no clue. I had a freaking transit claim with a five mammoth pile-up that I had to take up to the assholes at the home cave today. Not only did I have to pay to straighten out the mammoth's tusks and the loss in value of the ivory... Not only did I have to sit there and seperate damaged rocks from undamaged rocks and then figure out the value of the damaged rocks by how damaged they were... I mean, ROCKS. I get through all that shit and then they throw a freaking business interruption claim at me! Business interruption FOR ROCKS. ROCKS. Could they not have found some emergency rocks laying around and kept in business that way? Look around! There's rocks EVERYWHERE here! Lying bastards! I need a drink. Got any of that predigested mushroom piss from the chief operating officer?")

QWP, Context walks with dinosaurs.
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