September 7th, 2007


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Regarding a plan by breastfeeding moms to flood the local Applebees in protest, lady_jafaria says:

I just want to see the restaurant kick them out while pointing to the sign that says "No outside food." Hey, most places have one...

Flocked, but QWPed!
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And they pay THIS person to fix your computer? Sheesh!

shadowrunner76 has a computer technichian calling in for assistance. He tries to provide it but after a few minutes... 

...I realize this pathetic moron who has misrepresented himself as a knowledgable technician is beyond my help. He is beyond your help. He is beyond the help of God, Lucifer, Bill Gates, and Steve Jobs. His voice has the capability to destroy minds of intelligent people. He is the Anti-Tech! The worst part? He finally gets IE to open and we continue. I decide to remote in to the machine to fix it myself. The remote assistance software we use is website-based, ensuring very few issues with firewalls or other security. 

Me: The address is blahblah dot blahblah dot com. 
Tech: blahblah data blah-- 
Me: No, no, its blahblah DOT blahblah DOT com. 
Tech: Data blahblah data com? 
Me: Not data. Dot. A peroid. Like yahoo DOT com? 
Tech: ...datadot? 
Me: ... *oh my god, he's too stupid to type an address!*

 I told him his issue was beyond my help, and spoke with the office manager. My advice? "Get a new technician." 

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holyoffice is writing a book on religion, and holds a question and answer session.

Q: How have you prepared for the inevitability of offended people tracking you down and slapping you senseless?
A: This book was written by a devout Catholic who actually goes to Mass on holy days of obligation, fasts during Advent, and has an icon of St. Gregory of Nyssa in his bedroom. It's being published by Baylor, the largest Baptist university in the world. It's not exactly Christopher Hitchens teaming up with Prometheus Books.

Q: So atheists are going to be the ones slapping you silly.
A: It is my sincere hope that nobody slaps me over this book. It's gentle, good-natured fun that includes traditional Christians, progressive Christians, atheists, and believers from a wide variety of religious backgrounds.

Q: Even Zoroastrians?
A: Especially Zoroastrians.

(Warning: Context may actually contain facts. But also more humor.)

Hail to the King, Baby

creepyfnord has big dreams for Dragoncon:

Consider one year, several down the road, when the D*con expansion has grown so massive that we consume every hotel in the city of Atlanta. The number of events grows so great that they can no longer fit all the panels into one 4 day weekend and they have to extend the time frame to a couple of weeks. Dragon Con will continue to expand and grow until all commerce in Atlanta relies on it. Costumne shops, gaming stores, and a Mountain Dew Bottling facility spring up in our fair city. People begin to move to the South from all over the world to work in the gaming and fast-food industries. Before you know it Dragon Con has expanded to consume the city entirely and Atlanta is renamed Geeksylvania. Cruxshadows builds a massive cathedral style house/concert hall where the Civic center once was. The Arena is converted from a sporting facility to the worlds largest hexmap. Not a day npasses that the residents are not confronted by at least 3 Klingons, 7 Stormtroopers, and a Winged Fairy. The 501st becomes the standing army/Police force for the whole of Atlanta. Science will take massive leaps forward and all of humanity will be improved as every Mad Scientist and Tortured Genius on Earth descends upon the Labs at Emory. And Joss Whedon Will BE OUR KING!!!
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