September 6th, 2007

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gentilhomme and wife give an Edmonton 'chippy' a try:

And -- here's the bit we were both wary as crap about, really -- we had that most Scottish of 'delicacies', a deep-fried Mars bar. shewlksinbeauty had said, darkly, that she'd spent 15 years avoiding eating a deep-fried Mars bar.

How was it?

Actually, it could've been a lot worse. That's how both of us pretty much reacted.

The whole event was steeped in drama, given that the bar lay within a paper packet about the side of a VHS tape. (It also came with a tub of whipped cream.) After unwrapping the first layer of white butcher paper, there was a smaller packet of black and white checked butcher paper, which we unwrapped with the appropriate ceremony, similar to that which a bomb squad might handle a particularly dangerous bomb.

And then, there it was, laying in the middle of the paper and looking uncomfortably and precisely like a large turd.

shewlksinbeauty and I could only just look at each other, and then we started snickering.

I seriously don't know how this became so popular, because I know damn well that presentation counts for almost more than taste, and the presentation is utterly unappealing except to a small demographic that I don't want to consider. So shewlksinbeauty hastily cut it up and we each had a bit with whipped cream before we could lose our nerve.

And really... it could be worse. It's basically a very melty Mars bar with a bit of crunch to it. It tastes very familiar and I don't think that's just because I have eaten a non-melty, non-fried Mars bar before.

Definitely not something I have the urge to consume much of, but... I'm not dead yet!

Public post but still QWP because I'm polite like that.

Because their launch of the GE "Episode 4" trash compactor didn't work

And speaking of toasters, "Lee Adama" and I wondered why, since GE sponsors "Battlestar Galactica," there was no official BSG toaster for sale? I mean, what a no-brainer! We need a toaster with a chrome chassis, complete with menacing Cylon visor-light, the sound of a Colonial Viper launch when the toast pops up, and a special heating element that burns either a Galactica logo or a Cylon helmet into each slice. Is that really too much to ask?

Context wanted Adam Baldwin to autograph his firefly, but he couldn't get his signature small enough.
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Chemistry? Yeah, chemistry...

jakia bemoans being an English major taking an obligatory science course (open, QWP):

What I need is a book.  Something to read.  Something that doesn't involve numbers or protons or anything like that. Shakespeare could be fun.  Chemistry for Complete and Utter Retards would be perfectly appropriate. Or--I know!  Chemistry for English Majors, now that would be money well spent!  It could be a tragic love story between the elements of hydrogen and oxygen, bound together by fate but torn apart by their warring families. 


I might actually learn something that way.

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Bathroom Swimmer

aqua_eyes has a few problems with her new flat mates...

"Why are men unable to use a bathroom properly? Why are they allowed out of the house before they have mastered this basic skill? There are puddles alover the place. I more or less had to swin to the shower. There wasn't a dry bit of lino to put anything on the floor. I mean yeah, there's a puddle always by the shower cos you have to get out to grap your towel, but when I do this over half the showerroom is still dry! There were also incriminating wet footprints to that-guy-who-won't-talk's room."

For full context see:

As seen on basbleugrrl's LJ

You. Professor. Pull the stick out of your ass. I know you're used to dealing with freshmen, but maybe if you stop treating them like idiots, they will stop acting like idiots. Oh no, wait, I tried that in group today and they were bigger idiots than I thought. Never mind. Keep hitting them with the stupid bat. Just try to avoid hitting me in the mélée.

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